HK MP5 A2 Fixed Stock

HK MP5 A2 Fixed Stock

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SKU: 205586

HK MP5/SP5  A2 Fixed Stock

Genuine HK factory , "made in Germany"

Please read below description before ordering

Shipping Size: Medium
Allow International Shipping: No
Color: Black
Country Of Origin: Germany
Manufacturer Model No: 205586
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch
Caliber: 9mm
Model: MP5
Product Description:

HK MP5 A2 Fixed Stock is manufactured to LE and Military Specifications and meant for hard use, they are all heat & Injection molded in a form and , glued , and are not museum-quality pieces.

If your expectation is for an HK A2 stock which is perfect/symmetrical and of a gold plated, diamond-encrusted, that is used by the high-speed operator, these are not for you , do not purchase these stocks from my store.

Please look to purchase them elsewhere or go to a retailer near you to hand-pick one for the ultimate satisfaction.  

These stocks are shipped brand new from HK, and I inspect them now before I ship them to you, and I can send you pictures by text if you request.

I have no quality control or put these stocks together !!!!

If you have any cosmetic issues or don't like the one I send you , please call HK and have them warranty them, I will not exchange them .

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