HK MP5 A3 retractable "F" Stock (3 Pos)

HK MP5 A3 retractable "F" Stock (3 Pos)

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SKU: 227901

SP5 A3 "F" Stock (3 Pos)

Shipping Size: Large
Allow International Shipping: No
Color: Black
Country Of Origin: Germany
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch
Product Description:

This is the latest iteration of the MP5 stock, French (F) upgrade. This will fit the SP5/SP5 and other MP5 variants. German HK factory A3 "F" retractable stock with 3 positions. Designed to absorb the heavier +P & +P+ rounds as well as all other 9mm ammo types. When Fully Extended stock measures 10.5″ in length.

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